Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rain Man

Somewhere Out There

One of the more recent This American Life episodes is linked above. And I like it a lot. I am not a brave person, I am just terribly stubborn and I feel marriage is going to be really hard, but incredibly silly. And fuck do I enjoy silly.

During my whole life after every new experience I have learned that I am just about average at any sort of talent (or below average, but let's look at the glass half full...or at least 1/3). Dancing= average, Piano= average, Printmaking= average, Writing=average; I do excel at nerdy book reading though...

Anyway I have finally found my true calling! I think that the toy art boom is running on its last leg, but of course this means that spin off toy sales are through the roof/ power walking down the block.

Blind Box toys are series of vinyl toys designed by some or several artists and distributed by, let's face it people, KidRobot. They are packaged in opaque bags and put in unlabeled boxes. You pretty much by a shit ton of the same toy hoping to collect one of each figure in the series. My weakness in Nathan Jurevicius' Scary Girl collection and just recently these little guys:

Cute, huh? And just a little disturbing, especially when I move them around the apartment so Greg thinks they're plotting to kill him (favorite place so far: in the medicine cabinet, nothing says you're going to die better than one of these little guys holding your razor).

But, I'm getting off track. I've gotten really good at shaking and feeling blind boxes that I have a 1 in 3 odds of getting exactly the toy I want. No really, I did all the math. My popularity has gotten to the point where people have me pick their blind boxes for them.

When I told Greg about my amazing abilities he said:

"You're like the Rain Man of stupid shit."

You hear that people, I'm like the Rain Man!

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