Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The life of a bride (I prefer the term "partner") to be is rather strange. I work in a mall and as I walk to my store at the very end of the mall I am confronted with glorified billboards showing me enormous pictures of insane looking rings and pictures of insane faced girls from Hyde Park.

Go check out biggerwow.com and throw up. Women and weddings are suppose to be synonymous as apparently the only day a woman will have complete control over in their whole lives. This site is chock full of helpful tips to get your boyfriend to propose. There is even a helpful "Panic" button that closes the site instantly if your boyfriend happens to come into the room. My favourite though is an email template you fill out remind your boyfriend just how long you have been dating and isn't it about time you make some real commitments?

I can't help but wonder if the rate of divorce is on the rise not because of this disastrously lack of morals that the right keeps spouting about but the fact that it is a commercialized monster whose sole purpose is to make money. That after creating this fantasy day the actual relationship doesn't hold up to all the promises. It's more than just a day and a ring and a perfect dress but two people making a promise.

I should probably mention my engagement moment. It was cliché to say the least be on Christmas night and the fact that I completely knew what was going on. But it was lame and fell short from anything crazy romantic that these moments are "suppose" to be. We were tired from family hopping with the puppy in tow and I just wanted to get the day over. At the bottom of my stocking was a box with a blue string in it. I knew what it was for but I played dumb. And Greg rambled something about us getting married I said yes. And there you go.

But that ribbon is special to me. Greg lost an ebay bid for a ring for me and then scoured the town looking for a toy ring from a quarter machine not finding one ended up a Michael’s looking for some replacement. He found the ribbons, looked around and cut a length and pocketed it.

Yeah that’s right kids, my engagement ring is stolen property. Living on the edge.

Our first picture together.

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