Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kitten Fails, Soup Wins!

I love this video.

Anyway. I feel like I'm cheating on my other blog by posting in this one, but I feel it is pointless to post in the other one. So I'm just going through a little transition trouble.

I love where I work. Though not really considered a real job, where else can you forget to bring your can opener for your soup and still with a little ingenuity enjoy that soup before your lunch break is up?

I had given in that my soup would never get out of it's blasted can. I just sat and sadly stared at the cold metal knowing that just inside was a warm delicious lunch waiting to be born. I had asked around already if anyone had a can opener, because its just the kind of place that someone would. The display artist took over, because he usually solves most my problems at work. In the end he hammered a hunting knife (which he carries on his person at all times) through the lid to give the giant wire cutters enough leverage to get around the can. After all the cursing and cutting the lid was a ragged mess, but it no longer imprisoned my sweet delicious glory of minestrone.

"there are metal shavings in my soup"
"Naw, those are just pepper flakes."

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