Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dude, you do not want to be the girl of the wedding pair

yeah I know, most flattering picture of me ever. I'm not really into this new DELL Greg got at all. In fact I kind of hate it.

anyway, I'm in "bed" with a nasty head cold. I quote bed simply because I'm actually situated on the futon in the living room. Its pretty awesome except I can hear the sweet laughter of children outside and I want to punch them in their faces.

I spent all weekend nursing Greg back to health only to be rewarded with the same cold he got from some 3rd grader.

As you can tell sickness makes me rather surly.

I also wanted to mention how I really like Jared's, yeah the "Galleria of Jewelry". After going to Zales to have my ring sized I was rather put off by the help when the employee told me that the 4 1/2 size I wanted was going to be too small. With no further explanation forth coming I simply said that it was the size of my finger so that’s what wanted for the size of my ring. Came back a week later to find my ring still didn't fit me. The employee sized the ring at 4 3/4. They said the best option would be to get those little balls placed on the inside of the ring so it wouldn't slide around. That would only set me back 60 bucks. I said no and walked out. Later I went to Jared's told them my problem and they set me up with a ring guard for free saying that the setting could warp if I try to go a size smaller. Granted it's not the classiest of solutions but now I can change the size of my ring pretty easily through out the day as my fingers swell of deflate. Jared's is annoying because they try to sell you a bunch of stuff while you're in there, but they're much more helpful in explaining things and were just nice in general. It was a pleasant surprise.

Did I also mention I went into David's Bridal? Yeah, that was a bad choice. If you've ever had the pleasure of running into me you might have noticed I'm not always gender specifically dressed. I work around the men's department at work all day which leaves me liking their styles a lot more than the short skirts and see through tops of the ladies. Either way I looked like a 12 year old boy playing dress up. I had to go into this little room take off all my clothes and then have someone open the door and slide the dress over my head. I really hope she noticed that I don't shave.

Cute on the hanger, absolutely ridiculous on me. Though the dress was a size 2 it still slipped from my chest. There was so much beading that my arms we being cut up from the friction and I got a rash from the silly fabric.

Halfway home I realized I left my bandanna in the fitting room and had to go back for it only to find a real girl in the same room. Not making eye contact she handed the awkward pubescent boy back the filthy shred of cloth that was for some reason in her room.

It was pretty shitty.

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