Friday, August 7, 2009

best wedding ever

so yeah the wedding thing was cool and ill talk more when i have pictures to show for it.

what i really want to discuss is that i am apparently now very allergic to NyQuil. right after the wedding i wasn't feeling well which was due to massive exhaustion took some NyQuil to help me sleep the cold off and ended up almost having heart failure. okay not heart failure but i was dizzy throwing up all over the place and couldn't feel my face. it was way sweet. so i will never being doing that again.

unfortunately now every time i think of the food from the wedding i get super nauseated and which is no good when i still have all that food left in my fridge.


highlights: people actually ate the dozen jars of pickles i made.
i sang "be are guest" from beauty and the beast.
i didn't drink the sediment at the bottom of the bottle of home brew i was carrying around all night.
people did karaoke
someone drew a penis dinosaur in my guestbook!

1 comment:

  1. Fact One:

    I am an asshole who completely blanked out on your kind invitation until I remembered at 2 in the morning, which was, as the kids say, fucking useless.

    Fact Two:

    I am really really sorry for forgetting said invitation and would like to see you soon.

    Fact Three:

    I still have not received or seen any photos from your wedding. and I would like to. A LOT. Please note.