Friday, September 11, 2009

planes and trains

i know i know

i am a terrible blogger. but you really can't blame a person who doesn't have the Internet... or a computer. or a working tv, or mp3 player... or really any kind of recent technology...

anyway i'm taking a trip in a couple weeks and i was reviewing all the things i can't take on a plane. i found this list: HILARIOUS

who in there right mind thinks bringing a cattle prod onto a plane is going to be okay?

but if you scroll down just a little: THROWING STARS!

i want to meet those people trying to sneak throwing stars onto a plane. i mean what kind of damage are you really going to inflict? anyone familiar with Upright Citizen Brigade? probably not....

(kid tries to go on rampage at school by using throwing stars. just ends up more ridiculed and the shame of his ninja father)

comic gold!

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