Monday, July 20, 2009

a completely marriage related post

i think my favourite part about planning a wedding is my laziness. im just waaay too lazy to care. the only time that im snapped into a wedding frenzy is when i feel like greg has done nothing. then im all "guess what i did today, all the stuff you arent" but now he's all working hard putting together playlists and compiling all the karaoke booklets, he even rented and put down a deposit on the sound equipment! now its me being "well i ordered some candy because i thought it would look pretty on the tables...i forgot to look up stuff about the marriage licence"

leave it to me to prioritize candy.

i like all the little crafts that go into the wedding. i enjoyed trying to design my invites. i like digging through christmas ornament boxes looking for white lights to string in the trees. i like making wire frames for dozens of jars for candles. ive filled shot glasses with dirt and succulents as table decorations/gifts. shit im making 2 dozen pies from scratch for christ sake!

and i still dont have shoes.... or jewelery...or even a veil. i have some random tulle i like to bunch up around my head. ill probably just tie it in a knot and hot glue some sparkles on it and call it a party.

i think i feel most guilty about not being excited. apparently im suppose to be jumping up and down and bursting into fits of giggles/tears. when people ask how im doing i kind of shrug my shoulders and say i figure things are coming together.

its not that im not happy to be marrying greg. but greg and i knew we were going to get married after about a month of dating. this is more about health insurance and spousal visas rather than dreams coming true. we just cant imagine trying to find someone else who fits us so completely. greg besides keeping me laughing is so patient and forgiving when my high strung shenanigans get the better of me. i push greg into being more comfortable with who he is...mostly by doing cartwheels as we walk down the street and one time buying us a matching slytherin sweater sets.

maybe its because im not doing all the wedding stuff. we're not having a ceremony or any showers or bachelor parties. i dont have a florist or a baker or even a candle stick maker. there is no bridal party unless you count my friend since 7th grade who makes me breakfast sometimes and tells me he's not wearing a dress or matching socks. we hardly registered for anything, just some books and kindles. honestly we just want money or donations to Freedom to Marry.

what im really excited about is getting everyone we know together and hopefully somewhat inebriated. im also REALLY excited to eat! and hopefully some of our friends will camp out with us in my parents backyard and we can all spend a silly morning together cleaning everything up.

i like doing all the work, because all the work i planned is fun. so really i want to plan a party like this all the time, because the main goal for me is not the whole "death do us part" (dont get me wrong im all for together forever) but rather feeding my friends and getting them good and knackered. and i think thats their main goal too.

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