Friday, July 3, 2009

sort of kind of hate weddings

who doesn't want to be hoisted into the air by scantly clad, extremely sweaty gay men? i swear i had a class with one of these guys. i also got sweat in my ear...

but yeah, pridefest was fun, as it is every year. if you happen to read this and are coming to the wedding please note that greg and i are asking for donations to Freedom To Marry and not blenders.

on this last leg to my wedding i'm kind of stressing out. not too much because i don't have vendors, but also because i don't have vendors. greg and i are still working on music and entertainment (which greg keeps telling me he has so much time to work on and still has done nothing). Also why does no one RSVP for shit anymore? why do they just show up and expect to be fed?

you know how many people have rsvped? 14. 14 out of 75. seriously wtf. i have to order food for you people, and if i don't know you're coming i'm not going to order you food. and ill turn you away! i swear. not really though. i'm kind of going invite crazy... mostly because i have tons of left over invites just waiting to go to someone! i'm just handing them out like fliers not really expecting anyone to show up. i'm like in this crazy panic mode. i flash back to middle school and remembering how incredibly unpopular i was so every time a birthday came around i just invited everyone hoping at least a fourth would show up. about 5th grade i stopped having birthday parties because they stressed me out too much.

for someone who rejects pretty much everyone i am surprisingly unable to handle rejection.

on a happier note, i do have a photographer. it worked out the one of my old co-workers does photography for a lot of promotional parties for denver local magazines like FM and Illiterate.

his name is matt novak by the way and you can see his stuff here.

he's the one that took these pictures of me:

and because greg refused to rent a photo booth matt says he'll recreate the idea and do something like this:

so it should be fun!!!

next time i feel like posting i'll tell you about the 14 pies i'm baking personally for the wedding.

because i looooove the stress.

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