Friday, May 29, 2009

nerd fest

so through most my adult life i have had this question about myself. this question that defines my very beingwhich i have always remained undecided about.

am i a stars wars nerd or a star trek nerd.

after last week its safe to say that i am indeed a trekkie. i mean after that experience in college when my roommate gave me my much beloved "KHAAAAAAAAAAN!" shirt i should have known. but after i saw the newest addition im pretty much in love with the campy nerd fest known as star trek.

discovering my newiest love greg downloaded ever single star trek movie for me and we have spent the last 6 days locked up eating popcorn and watching the unfolding drama that is the enterprise.

quote of the day:

after my manager belches very loudly:
me: oh thanks for blowing that in my face
her: "I also almost threw up in my mouth."
me: you are like the best person ever

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