Thursday, June 11, 2009

your face

so i dont have internet which is why i havent updated this in awhile.

ill tell you a bit about the wedding planning.

so invitations. yes the blight of my world. i went and used all their stuff to make an invitation on adobe illustrator. did all the crap and then went to kinkos to find out that they didnt have the paper i needed, the colors were wrong and everything wasnt lining up. so fuck you diy. fuck. you.

after finding out that office depot didnt have the paper i wanted my mother turned to me:
"What is it you always say to me? Oh yeah, In your face!"
yeah my mother "in your faced" me. and it was sweet.

in the end we went to Micheal's where i found out that the magazine BRIDES puts out invitation sets you just print your information on. so you kids will be getting those. and i dont care if i sold out. because holy shit when my printing at kinkos was going to be $500 i almost cried. the invitation set cost $30. my stamps cost more than my invites.

to make up for our uncraftiness in the invites greg and i made wire frames for 25 mason jars to hang in the trees.

did i mention my photographer pulled out? did i? while she did.

i hate weddings

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