Monday, April 27, 2009

seriously wasting time

so yes the rumors are true. i certainly do breakdown into a fit of girlish giggles at the mere mention of ira glass. this man who most certainly is twice my age sets my heart a flutter. and all he does is talk brokenly and asks people prudent questions calmly and softly. and of course makes This American Life crack to me. pure snortable crack...for my ears.

last thursday was the semicast of this american life live and broadcasted to some 400 theatres across the u.s. which was pretty nifty if you are the biggest nerd around. which i am. sadly i did not understand the concept of semicast at the time of this conversation with greg:

"Oh wow, you got a new outfit."
"yeah, i wanted to look spiffy for ira" (apparently we're on first names)
"You do know that it's a live broadcast... not a live show?"
"WHA?! damn it!"

on another npr note i heard the best interview done by terri gross and russell brand where he actually said:

" I don't know if you've ever been on crack cocaine Terri..."

she politely let the question slide but filled my small head with a ceaseless desire to know. so terri, have you?

i'm a bit behind on the whole loving russell brand thing too. but i promise im making it up with unbridled devotion.

obviously this blog entry is so long because i should be doing something important. like writing a paper and putting together a presentation. well i had a few ideas and then i went to class last week where someone already got up there and presented a paper on art nouveau and contemporary comic books and i was like, "well fucking hell! what the fuck do i write about now?" and you know what i chose? Hill House. a stupid house in the middle of scotland done by this guy and, only in certain books, his wife. really i tried to write about the wife and interior spaces and the whole sexualization of domestic spaces blah blah blah, but theres really no scholarship on that (blatant lie to get out of researching). so mostly its like: "oh wow this house is neato!" "finding women in art is hard!" "here are some fancy pictures:)!!" i write really good papers.

this by the way is waldo's evil doopleganger (redundant) who in fact is not called renaldo like i thought, but odlaw which is waldo spelled backwards. oh you clever rapscalian!

so now when you see me in on my bike with my classic black and yellow knit cap do not yell "You're awesome Renaldo!" for that is wrong, but rather "If only I could be as trendy as you Odlaw!" which is the correct name of the fictional character i look exactly like.

sometimes im still surprised when ive hit yet another all time low.

ps- ira glass is super fiddgity and gangly. what the hell is there not to like?!

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  1. So adorable. I completely understand.