Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a whiskey and soda please

there are very good reasons i miss my friends and my denver. besides the bars and how everyone wore glasses. here are some of my favourite conversations with my friends:

"Wait, wait! What are you wearing?!"
"a skirt..."
"because i felt like being pretty. cant you just love the pretty me?"
"No. Go put some pants on, you're creeping the shit out of me."

"Sex to you is like shaking hands. You put a lot of effort into it but it's not like you're very exclusive."

"youve had one lesbian experience with one girl! it doesnt exactly make you the keynote speaker at the lezzie convention"
"You know you're a real ass sometimes."
"yeah yeah, get back to me once youve finger banged melissa in the library"

"woah! that was intense"
"That eye-fuck that just happened?"
"yeah. i dont think ive ever been eye-fucked!"
"Yes you have! How did we meet?"
"at a bar..."
"Yeah, after I eye-fucked the shit out of you."
"... can we always be friends?"


  1. denver kinda sucks. you don't miss denver. you miss your friends and being an active member of society in general. it's o.k. to miss your friends. it's not o.k. to miss denver. just sayin'.....

  2. mmmm... i thought about what you said. but you never had denver the way i did. those moments and those kids wouldnt exist with out denver. i love denver. im sorry your time there wasn't as epic as mine.

  3. so if all your friends moved to portland (or wherever), you would still move back to denver?

  4. I get what you're saying, yeah i can make new friends anywhere and have new experiences, but I'm talking about the moments I shared with certain people and in certain places. Those times and those people wouldn't of happened anywhere but where I was. Those kids are so Denver, if they all moved they would no longer be Denver kids sharing Denver moments. Where I have been is who I am, I don't regret a single choice, I don't regret loving Denver. Auto correct is pissing the shit out of me right now.

  5. you're taking this a little too seriously. lonely much? :)