Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ps im in japan.

when we first got here we still had some money so we went traveling. first on the list was kyoto. kind of in love with this city. where we live now is very small industrial and suburban. its actually really depressing for anyone raised in a city, or you know loves paved roads. call me selfish i guess. either way kyoto has a large and amazing college campus as well as insane amounts of cultural things. we stuck to the fancy part of town because it was somewhat better labeled, but we got lost a lot. the back streets had some of the cutest cafes and stores. it felt a lot like denver, but quite a bit bigger and more modern. its a city we'll hopefully be checking out a lot.

im really excited for august though because greg's parents will be taking us to tokyo and i am flipping shit about it. they want to do kyoto and nara too. i think ill just peace out and stay in tokyo for the week. oh sweet tokyo ill do anything to see you. ANYTHING!

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