Saturday, January 30, 2010

never working again!!

okay well thats not true...or really possible, but today is my last day at urban outfitters. my summer job that turned into three years of corporate slumming has finally come to an end. and i must say i am grateful, mostly for the fun-fetti cupcakes and chocolate cookies waiting for me! i also had a good laugh discovering that i was suppose to be at work at 9 and not 10.

im glad to be going though. this job is rather soul sucking and to be honest i just dont have the people skills for it.

"Could you get me another size?"
"for that dress that is hanging 7 feet from where you stand right now? come on!!"

"Do you work here?"
"not right now i dont"

"Can you help me?"
"sigh... i guess, whadda ya need?"

so tonight party time. saying goodbye to some awesome people. flip off the motherfuckers that made everyday here feel like high school.

ps- im so moving to japan. who wants to say goodbeye/ buy me a drink?!

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