Sunday, May 9, 2010

not myself tonight

so i know this is long over due, but seriously japans copyright laws are assholes. its taken me forever to find a version of "not myself tonight" that will play in this god damn country. FINALLY found it thank god. i havent been reading anything on it because i knew i couldnt watch it.

first off i have never been a huge fan of christina aguilera, i was a more of a no doubt girl when christina came into the pop world. but i cant deny the girl has an amazing voice. and when i saw all the promo shots of this video knew i had to get down with it no matter what. so lets watch:

so first up i cant stand the product placement. i want to have lady gaga's babies but i still hate all the product placement in her videos. i dont like that this video isnt really anything we havent seen before. but im still in love with it. not going to lie. the blinged out s&m shit is fucking hot and i want anything with a rhinestone crotch. the sex jewelry is also gorgeous looking and i think somewhat covert to people who aren't as obsessed with sex as they should be.

so im going to say i love this video and song, but mostly because i love this type of shit right now. probably wont be buying the album, and definitely not an aguilera convert, but ill watch this video like 8 more times today.


  1. I just watched Ponyo. The song at the end is brilliant. Frankie=Ponyo.

  2. im not understanding how we're related...