Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i loved that bitch

i think i might have just broken my co worker's heart when i told him our display artist might of thrown away the sound cable for the computer. how will he watch youtube during his breaks?!?!?!

i really do have a write up about seattle and how awesome and amazing it is and how greg and i are considering moving to the northwest because hot damn we loved it!!! but work computer is mean... maybe library computer will be nicer?

also my mom is putting my childhood dog to sleep. which is pretty awful. shes the best dog ever and totally won me over in becoming a dog person. Diamond is probably the most apathetic dog you will meet, rufio (my current dog) on the other hand would simply look at you and then move to another room to get further from your dry sobs. i honestly dont think i would have made it through high school without her constant attention to my feelings. plus we think Diamond might have gotten brain damage from chewing through so many electrical cords as a puppy. she also was the most bad ass dog on the block, not really a large dog she still thought she was ferocious enough to take on st. Bernards. dude, the bitch was crazy.

so Diamond i spill this forty for you, may you enjoy that big field in the sky. i'll always remember you as the runner awayer, the epileptic fit haver, the master escape artist, and the best fucking dog i have ever known. i love you girl.

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